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My work as author and translator :

2009 I started with the transcription of "The Secret of the Golden Flower" the meditation manual from ancient China, which was translated from the original Chinese to English and commented by the renowned American sinologist Thomas Cleary in 1991. Thomas Cleary did an outstanding job with his profound comments. My English transcription puts now the comments of Thomas Cleary from the second part of his book directly as a footnote under each respective section of the original text, because the text passages can be only understood in their immediate historical and conceptual context. Simultaneously I began with a German translation.

2013 I completed the Transcription »Golden Flower Meditation« in German and English and as supplement I also translated into German the important treatise about the bodily alchemy "Cultivating the Energy of Life" from Eva Wong, which is also mentioned as reference in the "Secret of the Golden Flower". Since then an authentic and understandable basis for this meditation technique is given.

2014 I also translated another new and easy-to-understand English translation into German: «Wang Chongyang - The Secret of the Golden Flower: a Manual for Taoist Inner Alchemy» which has been published 2013 by “Ancient Publications“ from Andras Nagy.

2015 I also completed a French Transcription based on the sold-out French edition «Le Secret de la Fleur d'Or» by Thomas Cleary's "The Secret of the Golden Flower".

The French translation of "Cultivating the Energy of Life" is still available under the title «Cultiver L'Energie de La Vie» in the publishing house "Les Éditions de l'Éveil".

In 2015 I completed the transcription of the Italian edition of Thomas Cleary’s „The Secret of the Golden Flower“. The transcription of the Spanish edition I completed in 2019.

So there are 5 complete transcriptions of Thomas Cleary’s „The Secret of the Golden Flower“ (with footnotes after each section) in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

The masterful translation of Thomas Cleary "The Secret of the Golden Flower" (Das Geheimnis der Goldenen Blüte) is also available in Spanish: "El Secreto de la Flor de Oro" published by "Arca de Sabiduria - EDAF - Madrid, 1995, 8 ed. 2012“, and in
Italian: "Il Segreto del Fiore d 'Oro" published by "Ubaldini Editore - Roma, 1993".

2018 I started to translate "Cultivating Stillness" by Eva Wong from English into German. This work is a key text of the Taoist canon and a direct deepening of the "Secret of the Golden Flower“.

For more than 30 years I have been occupied with the text of the "Golden Flower" and the associated knowledge and I still see no end to further possibilities of interpretation and application. The heavenly Masters accompany and motivate me on this path with increasing support. I regularly receive new insights into the functions and capabilities of a mind "liberated from the constraints of thinking".

Since my translation of the extremely important treatise on longevity and immortality, "Cultivating of the Energy of Life" who is related directly to the "Golden Flower", more and more it opens up to me all Indian, Buddhist and Taoist texts in unexpected clarity and freshness.

For meditation teachers, these text versions are of inestimable value because so far no working basis was presented in a practical and readable form. To extend and deepen this knowledge I also intensively study since 2019 the few written basics that give information about "Kundalini Shakti" and describe their setting free and their effect exactly.

For some time now I am writing on the basis of my own practice and teaching activities and on the basis of these authentic basics on a more concrete work as »Practical and systematic manual of Meditation« which I want to publish until the end of March 2021 in book form and which should contribute to a better understanding of Meditation and Yoga in the West.

A large part of the knowledge that you can find on this website, is based on these scriptures. Anyone interested in this work, is welcome to contact me. If you are interested in the private use of individual translations or transcripts, you can request them as a »PDF« against your complete address and contact details.

My teaching activities have changed after 7 years of teaching: I don't give group courses anymore!

From now on I will offer exclusively personal individual Introduction, Advice and Support.
This form of transmission should help students to make real progress.



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On April 25, 2018 the last meditation course took place at this address in Wetzikon:

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I would like to thank Bettina Kubli for more then 6 Years since 27 March 2012

in which I was allowed to offer my courses in her Cantienica® bodyworx studio.


On September 24, 2018 the last meditation course took place at this address in Zurich:

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I would like to thank the art-therapists Christine and Rela for the wonderful
3 years we had together since 14 December 2015 in the Atelier raum44.

The course address in the city of Zurich must now be agreed individually.


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Individual agreements:

Basically, I can teach the «Meditation of the Golden Flower» or my »Study Program« at any time and place. If you would like to participate in my Study Program, we will find a solution in any case. Don’t hesitate to ask me or »contact« me directly, I would like to give give all interested people the opportunity to participate in this knowledge, it is my basic obligation to my teachers.


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