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Peter Todesco  | Tannenzaunstrasse 5 | P.O. Box 218 | 8610 Uster 1 | Switzerland | Schweiz | Suisse • •

With kind regards
Peter Todesco
School of Meditation

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                                                         SCHOOL OF MEDITATION ● USTER                       MAP ● USTER

                                                       Tannenzaunstrasse 5, 8610 Uster                    P&R near train station Uster                   


School of Meditation in Uster ZH – Near Train Station Uster:   (Address also on »YogaTrail«)

Tuesdays 19.00-21.00 (only on Request) (Course Dates on »YogaTrail«)

Personal instruction, advice and aftercare »free of charge«

Introductory Courses «Golden Flower Meditation»


sms/tel:  079 765 61 11  /  +41 79 765 61 11

4 minutes from train-station to Peter Todesco Tannenzaunstrasse 5 | P.O. Box 218 | 8610 Uster

Footpaths Description and driving directions to «School of Meditation» in USTER 1 ZH

left picture shows the building on Tannenzaunstrasse 3/5 | walking & driving directions shows right picture

»Public Transport«Train-Station Uster  output subway "Bahnhofpassage" rising to bus station (RED ARROWS)

By Car: Center of Uster ZH train station, (Entrance Examination West), after railroad crossing enter left to the Bankstrasse, continuing to

"park & ride" near train station (no visitors parking at the Tannenzaunstrasse 5)  (YELLOW ARROWS)

My teachings transmit a deeper understanding of meditation and yoga that enables us
to find real transformation and enlightenment in this life and at the same time
live a harmonious everyday life with family and work.


Interested Persons are kindly requested to ask themselves the following three questions:

1)  Is that what I am reading here in agreement with my own idea of meditation?

2)  Am I ready to practice more than a 100 days period for a confirming experience?

3)  Do I just want to have a taste or do I want to learn seriously and commit myself?

               Meditation requires Discipline and Self-Control

I teach this method of »Golden Flower Meditation« since 2012 with consistently confirmed effectiveness.

True transformation requires the willingness to be committed to active and disciplined practice:

As rational beings, we should avoid the three poisons of the spirit; ‹greed›, ‹hatred› and ‹delusion› and free the

‹divine in us› by ‹loving recognition›. – We should unconditionally strive to ‹arrive with our soul completely in this life›

where we are. – If we strive for ‹harmony with everything› using the ‹knowing substance of our soul and breath›,

we can create ‹space for spiritual concerns› in normal daily life. – We should commit ourselves

to ‹sincerity› and ‹truth› and only walk on ‹paths that have heart›.

Whoever can attach deeper importance to these guidelines is warmly welcome.

My offering:

  1. 1.  «Efficient, scientific and contemporary meditation method» free of ideology and religion,
    explained and passed on in charge-free private lessons with following support (no groups).

2. «Cultivation of a Living Nourishing Inner Silence» in the «Meditation of the Golden Flower»
healing and transformation through body awareness and expansion of consciousness.

3.  «Passing on meditation in its deep dimension» as the cultivation of peace

on an independent and friendly basis for everyone.

Warm regards – Peter Todesco


sms/tel:  079 765 61 11  / +41 (0)79 765 61 11

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   Peter Todesco           

                                Why Yoga? – Why Meditation?

Course Location  in the City of Zurich – Near Central Station Zurich HB:

School of Meditation | Peter Todesco – Zürich | Weinbergstrasse 15 |8001 Zurich

Restaurant MOHINI | near Central | (on request)

Lectures about Meditation in the restaurant MOHINI

You will find the lecture dates on »YogaTrail«

Courses can also be arranged individually in the city of Zurich:

sms/tel:  079 765 61 11  /  +41 79 765 61 11